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General terms and conditions

BYN Företagsbostäder, hereinafter referred to as the hotel, is run by Care of VXO AB, corporate identity number 559161-0398. The address is Storgatan 82A,
352 46 Växjö, Sweden. The hotel can be reached at +46 (0)470-77 15 00 or from Monday to Friday.

Do you need assistance that can´t wait to next coming weekday or if you need
to contact the emergency for eventual visit to the appartment we will charge
4,000 Sek Excl. tax for this. Emergency number +46 (0)470-51 53 99.

The hotel is an apartment hotel that is for long stay hotel use, from one month
up to four months. The apartments are fully equipped with kitchen, toilet and shower, bed, sofa bed, dining area, display with Chromecast and kitchen utensils
for up to four people.

These general terms and conditions always apply unless special conditions have been agreed upon when booking. In case any issue or rule is not covered by these general terms and conditions, the industry rules recommended by the Swedish tourist organization Visita apply.

The hotel reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, but the terms and conditions that apply at the time of booking always apply for the entire booking period. When an apartment is booked, you or the person on whose behalf you book have been deemed to have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions. This also applies when an apartment is booked by phone,
e-mail or on-site in the lobby.

By apartment and/or room in these conditions is meant hotel apartment. By writing is meant primarily by e-mail. The invoice recipient refers to the person or company that receives the invoice and who is thus responsible for the booking and payment.


Reservations can be made från 30 nights(one month) up to 120 nights (four months). The booking periods are divided into three categories with variation in terms and prices;
Category A (<30 nights): bookings up to 30 nights. Category B (>30 nights): bookings for 30 nights or longer.

A booking is binding as it has been confirmed in writing. When booking,
you are required to provide your name, address, e-mail address and arrival
and departure day.

Check-in takes place on the day of arrival after 15:00 and before 17:00. The hotel is open for check-in on Monday through Sunday.

Reservations up to 29 nights can be cancelled up to 18:00 two days (24 hours) before check-in. If cancelled later, 50% of the cost of the booking will be charged.
In case the guest fails to arrive, 100% of the cost of the booking will be charged.

Reservations for 30 nights or longer can be cancelled up to 18:00 seven days (two weeks) before check-in. If cancelled later, 50% of the cost will be charged for the first 11 nights. In case the guest fails to arrive, 100% of the cost of the first 30 nights will be charged.

When a guest has not checked in at 23:59 on the day of arrival, without a written agreement, it is considered a failure to arrive. In case of failure to arrive, the hotel
is entitled to rent the apartment to another guest from 15:00 on the day after arrival date.

If a guests wishes to do an early departure, the guest is responsible for paying minimum 14 nights from cancellation. If the guest has paid an invoice the guest has approved of the stay during the dates in the invoice, meaning the guest is not able to get a refund for the early departure.

Payment is made in advance. Invoice is sent by e-mail to the address stated when booking. Invoices are sent out no earlier than 30 days before the day of arrival. Due date is the day of arrival and the invoice must be paid before check-in. The invoice can be paid to Swedish Bankgiro or for international payments via IBAN/SWIFT.

When booking 31 nights or longer, the payment is divided up in monthly or equivalent periods. The subsequent period invoice must be paid before the new period begins.

In the event of non-payment, the hotel has the right to cancel the agreement and demand immediate relocation.

If the hotel cannot provide you with a confirmed booking, you are entitled to receive an equivalent or better room within the hotel or other accommodation in hotels of equivalent standard without any additional cost.


– Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the hotel, both in the apartments, in public areas and in the courtyard. Please note that the apartment and the public areas of the building have an automatic fire alarm which is very sensitive. The fire alarm is directly linked to the fire department, who currently charges about SEK 7,300 when answering a false alarm. The fire alarm also triggers the sprinkler system with large material damage as a result. All costs for remediation and/or false alarm are charged to the invoice recipient.
– Show consideration for neighbours and other people who live, work and stay in the building. The obligation applies both indoors and outdoors and applies around the clock. However, it is particularly important from 22.00 to 07.00. Any costs for on-call guards are charged to the invoice recipient.
– The number of guests staying in each apartment must not exceed the number stated in the booking confirmation without this being notified in writing to and approved by the hotel.
– Pets are not allowed with the exception in the apartments that are specifically designated. It requires the hotel’s written approval in the booking to bring pets.
– When using Spa & Gym, the special rules for these premises must be followed.
The rules can be found in the hotel folder.
– It is not allowed to make an impact on the apartments fixed or loose furnishings, such as screwing or pasting something on the walls. The apartment and its equipment must be kept in good condition throughout the stay. In case of damage, this must be reported to the hotel immediately. The apartments are inspected at check-out and damage incurred is noted. Damage caused during the stay requiring repair is charged to the invoice recipient.
– Commercial activities and/or activities that violate law are strictly prohibited in the apartment. It is also not allowed to rent the apartment to third parties.

In case of violation of these rules or other negligence, the hotel is entitled to charge the invoice recipient the cost. In the event of serious or repeated breaches of the rules, the hotel is entitled to cancel the agreement and demand immediate relocation without repayment of prepaid amounts.

The apartment is equipped with a digital door lock. As a guest, you are responsible for the door being locked when you leave the apartment. The door is locked with the star button at the bottom left of the lock panel. The key to the apartment is handed out at check-in. One key tag per guest can be issued, however, a maximum of three key tags per apartment. If a key tag is lost, this must be reported immediately to the lobby so that it can be unregistered. A new key tag is issued as soon as possible by the lobby and the cost of a new key tag is charged to the customer according to the current price list.

Lägenheten städas innan din ankomst. Observera att du som gäst ansvarar för
viss städning inför utcheckning. Läs mer under Avresa och utcheckning. Vid bokning inkluderat sängkläder städas lägenheten varannan vecka (var 14 dag). Önskas städning oftare kan detta bokas genom lobbyn enligt gällande prislista.

As a hotel guest you have access to a bookable laundry room. Bookings are made
via the web as instructed in the hotel folder in the apartment. Please note that the key tag for the apartment is activated only during the time period your laundry booking applies.

You are responsible for storing your own valuables. The apartments are not equipped with a safe and the hotel has no opportunity to assume responsibility
for storing valuables.

You are responsible for finding out where emergency exits, alarm buttons and fire extinguishers are located. Information is available alongside your hotel room door.
If you discover safety deficiencies, please inform the lobby immediately.

The hotel reserves the right, if necessary, to enter the apartment to perform services such as cleaning and/or to rectify faults and deficiencies in the apartment. The access will be limited to daytime on weekdays, but in case of urgent action other times may be relevant. The hotel, its staff and subcontractors will always make themselves clearly known before entering the apartment.

The hotel does not accept undetermined length of stay. If you want an extension
of the booked period please contact the lobby.

Please note that an extended booking period that may mean a lower price per
night does not give the right to reduction and/or repayment of the previously
booked period.


If you wish to depart earlier than the booked period, the reservation must be cancelled. For bookings of 29 nights or shorter, cancellations must be made no later than 18.00 two days before departure. For bookings of 30 nights or longer, cancellations must be made no later than 18.00 two weeks before departure. The entire period of cancellation is charged even if you choose to check out earlier.

Monday to Friday check-out is no later than 10.00. Please leave the keys at the office. Saturday or Sunday check-out is no later than 12:00. Leave the keys on the kitchen counter in the apartment. Please lock the door from the outside with the star button (bottom left) when leaving the apartment.

When you check-out you are responsible for washing the dishes, emptying the fridge, freezer and dishwasher and placing all household items in the cabinets. Waste must be sorted and placed in the waste room beside the entrance 82B on floor 1. In the event that the requirements above have not been done, a fee will be charged for extra cleaning afterwards according to the current price list.


Your integrity is important to us and we treat your personal data with the utmost care. We only process your personal data in order to carry out the commitments we have towards you through our agreements. We never disclose personal data to third parties, except when we are required by law to disclose information to authorities.

According to the Swedish Aliens Ordinance, the hotel is obliged to make sure that foreigners provide information about themselves on personally signed registration forms. The National Police Board may issue regulations on what information shall be provided. The foreigner shall confirm his or her identity by producing a valid identity document. These rules are based on the Schengen agreement within the EU.

The hotel declines responsibility for any damage caused by events beyond
our control, such as war, riots, fire, natural disasters (such as flood, hurricane, earthquake), explosions, strikes or new laws that prohibit the completion of
the agreement.

Any disputes regarding the interpretation of these terms and legal matters in connection therewith shall be settled in a Swedish court.

We strive to do everything we can to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible. Do you have suggestions or ideas about how we can make our hotel even better please let us know!

BYN Företagsbostäder
Care of VXO AB
Storgatan 82 A
352 46 Växjö
+46 (0)470-77 15 00