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Here we have gathered information that can make it easier for you as a guest at BYN Business Apartments. Here you will find information about the hotel, the apartment and the various functions that are in the ICON building and more. Keep in mind that there is also important information in the general terms and conditions that were approved when the booking was made.

BYN Business Apartments is not a regular hotel. We are a long stay hotel with apartments specially adapted to make it extra comfortable for you who stay a little longer. This means that you have more space than in a regular hotel room. It also means that you have a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook your own food. All apartments have both a dining area and a comfortable sofa which can also be converted into a comfortable sofa bed.

As a long stay apartment hotel, we think different when it comes to service. For example, we do not clean the apartment every day. Instead we do it upon request when booking (separate price will be presented). Breakfast is not included, as most of our guests enjoy being able to make their own breakfast in the apartment. But of course, you are welcome to have breakfast in our bistro by the main entrance when you prefer to have it served.

As a guest you are also responsible for consumables such as soap, dishwashing detergent, toilet paper and so on. Of course, we make sure that there is a starter kit for you when you arrive, but then you take over the responsibility to fill it up during your stay.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact our office, either by visiting us, calling us on
+46 (0)470-77 15 00 or sending an email to info@bynvaxjo.se.
We are on site in the lobby every weekday from 07.00 to 17.00.



BYN Business Apartments is located at Storgatan 82A, 352 46 Växjö, Sweden.


There are several entrances to the building and Storgatan 82A is the main entrance to
the lobby. This entrance is only open during the opening hours in the lobby, currently on weekdays from 07.00 to 18.00. When the lobby is closed and the door locked, you can use your key tag to the apartment to enter via the entrance to Storgatan 82B, right beside the main entrance.


Check-in takes place at our office which is located behind the reception area of the building. The hotel is open for check-in Monday to Friday from 15:00 to 17:00. On Saturdays and Sundays, the office is closed but check-in takes place online and then formally the weekday after.

You will find the apartment on level 3 and you can reach it either by taking the elevator
or the stairs.


Check-out takes place leaving the keys on the kitchen counter in the apartment and locking the door from the outside with the star button (at the bottom left) when leaving the apartment. From Monday through Friday check-out is no later than 10:00. Saturday or Sunday check-out is no later than 12:00.

We clean the apartment after check-out but do not forget that you are responsible for all waste being placed in the garbage room on first floor, that all kitchen equipment is clean, fridge, freezer and dishwasher is empty and all household items are placed in the cupboards.


If an urgent problem arises outside our regular opening hours Monday-Friday 07.00-17.00 and can´t wait to next upcoming weekday.

You can reach our hotel emergency number +46 (0) 470-51 53 99.
Please note that this number may only be used for urgent matters and you will be charged with 4.000Sek excl. tax.



The apartment has an automatic fire alarm which is very sensitive. The fire alarm is directly connected to the emergency service and to the sprinkler system. Be careful when cooking and make sure to use the cooker hood. Smoking is absolutely forbidden!


If you have reserved an apartment with linen included, the bed in the apartment is made up. If you have reserved an apartment without linen you will have to bring your own, including towels. The sofa bed folds up simply by grabbing the middle of the backrest and pulling against you.


The larger apartments have a dishwasher. In order for the machine to work, the water must be switched on. You do this by setting the knob at the foot of the water tap on the kitchen counter at 1.


In the apartment there is a power station with automatic fuses that protects during
short circuits and overloads. When an automatic circuit breaker is released, the rocker
is folded down and the current is then broken. You turn it on again by folding back the
fuse that has been released. The same applies to the earth fault breaker. If the electricity does not work despite the above measures or if the fuse is released –please contact the
jour number above.


You are responsible for consumables in the apartment during your stay, but when you check-in there is a starter kit with dishcloth, dishwashing liquid, dish brush, dish sponge, toilet paper and in apartments with dishwasher also dishwasher detergent.


We have put all the instruction books for the appliances on top of the fridge. If you have
any questions please use these instructions. If you do not find the answer please contact
the lobby.


Each apartment has a coffee percolator. For that you need “pressokaffe” (Swedish) that you will find in all grocery stores. Pour coffee powder into the pot, pour on boiling water, wait a few minutes and then press down the coffee powder with the filter. There is no kettle since the induction hob boils the water much faster.


The kitchen is fully equipped for you to cook and feel at home. There are glasses, plates, cups, cutlery and more for four people in each apartment and also pots, frying pan and more for cooking.


It is important that you start the kitchen fan when cooking to avoid risking that the food will trigger the fire alarm. You start the kitchen fan by pulling the door on the kitchen countertop over the induction hob towards you. The door must be pulled all the way out until it clicks, and it stays in the locked position. The fan is completely silent. It is important to know that the fan is connected to a central fan-system in the building, which means that it is not at intense as most fans. Therefore, we recommend you to only do lighter cooking. If you
notice that there is starting to build up with smoke in the apartment. Please turn of the
stove and open windows until the smoke disappears before you start cooking on a lower level than before.


Cover and pillow, sheets and towels for the number booked in the apartment are in place when you check-in. If something is missing, please contact the office at info@bynvaxjo.se.


The apartment has an electronic key system. To unlock the door, use the key tag. To lock or unlock the door from inside use the knob. To lock the door from the outside press of the star button (at the bottom left). Note that the door does not lock automatically.


If you wish to receive a letter or package while staying at the hotel, you can use the following address;

Your name and apartment number,
C/O BYN Växjö
Storgatan 82A,
352 46 Växjö,


Smoking is strictly prohibited in the apartment, all public areas and the courtyard. Smoking is only allowed at designated locations outside the building.


We care about the environment and hope that you, as a guest, think about sorting at source. Garbage room is located on the ground floor, just inside the entrance 82B. Sorting is available for food waste, plastic, metal, glass, newspapers, paper packaging and residual waste. In the hotel folder there is a description of how to sort food waste.


The apartment is clean when you arrive and if you have booked your stay including linen the apartment will be cleaned every fourteen days. In connection with cleaning, sheets and towels are also changed. If you have booked your stay excluding linen you will have to clean the apartment yourself, unless you order extra cleaning via info@bynvaxjo.se. The cleaning is always done on a weekday during the day.


Each apartment has a display and a Chromecast. This is not a TV with channels but a
screen that you can use to stream your favourite programs via your computer, tablet or mobile phone. You can find the instructions how to use the display in the hotel folder in
the apartment.


You have access to a bookable laundry room. To make a reservation, please press LAUNDRY BOOKING (link). You can find the code and username in the hotel folder. Keep in mind that the key tag for the apartment opens the laundry room only during the booked laundry time. Detergents are not included.


The water in the taps is drinkable.


The building is heated by district heating and is set to keep a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius in the apartment, unless there is an extreme summer heat outside. The thermostat that controls heating, and cooling is placed on the heater below the window so be careful not to cover it with curtains or furniture as this can give the thermostat incorrect information. If you want to darken the apartment, please use the blinds. If you want to ventilate the apartment you can open the window, but please make sure not to leave the window open for a long time to ensure the heating systems ability to keep a comfortable temperature in the apartment.


Each apartment has its own wireless network that you can use for free. You can find the network name and password that apply in your apartment in the hotel folder. There is also an open network in the lobby that you can use for free.



BYN Business Apartments are located in the building ICON Växjö which is located in the heart of the Arenastaden. The building is 20 floors tall and has an architecture that really stands out. Here, large companies such as Play’n GO, Sigma Technology, EY, APP Properties and Nordea are mixed with approximately 280 apartments and other businesses.


On the ground level you will find BYN which is Växjö’s largest co-working. Here is the opportunity to have a workplace permanent or just when you need it, and of course it is all-inclusive for companies that choose to be located here. All you need is your computer and phone. Contact info@bynvaxjo.se if you are in need of a workplace.



On floor 19 you will find Växjö and Småland’s highest situated restaurant SKAI. You are always welcome to have dinner here from Tuesday through Saturday. Check out www.restaurangskai.se for table reservation.


We strongly recommend that you bring training clothes, swimwear and a bathrobe since you as a guest in the hotel have free access with the key tag to ICON Spa & gym on the second floor. The gym is open from 05:00 to 00:00. Spa, courtyard and changing rooms
are open from 06:00 to 22:00.



BYN Business Apartments are located right in the heart of Arenastaden in Växjö. There are arenas for many different teams and sports such as Vida Arena (Växjö Lakers – ice hockey), Visma Arena (Växjö DFF and Öster – football), Fortnox Arena (Växjö Vipers – floorball) and Telekonsult Arena (IFK Växjö – athletics).


If you want to know more about sights and events, you can visit Växjö’s official visitors guide www.vaxjoco.se. Here you will also find information about everything that happens in Arenastaden. If you want to look around in Småland please visit www.visitsmaland.se.


Short-term parking is just outside the building. Long-term parking is available at several locations in the Arenastaden. We recommend the parking lot northeast of Myresjöhus Arena which is about 100 meters from ICON.


Bicycles can be stored at designated outdoor locations. For safety reasons, the bicycle must never be parked in front of entrances, escape routes or inside the stairwell.


Bus 3 has a stop just outside Myresjöhus arena (Arenastaden södra) which takes you down to the city center and train station in about 5 minutes and on to Linnaeus University in another 10 minutes on the same bus. Information about tickets, timetables and where the bus is at this moment is available at www.lanstrafikenkron.se. You can also download Länstrafiken Kronoberg’s app where you can easily buy ticket both with Swish and
credit card.

To book a taxi call Växjö Taxi at +46 (0)470-135 00. Order the taxi to ICON, Storgatan 82A.


Within walking distance of BYN Business Apartments you will find City Gross and Willys at Handelsplats I11, ICA Maxi at Grand Samarkand and Lidl at Västerport.


Växjö has a long tradition as a city of trading and as a center of commerce in the region. There are several shopping areas to visit;

Växjö City is just over one kilometre east of the ICON building. Here you will find traditional city shopping with shops, restaurants, cafes and culture – find more on www.vaxjocity.se.

Handelsplats I11 is located just on the other side of Storgatan, directly adjacent to the old regiment. Here you will find two large grocery stores and several other stores.

Grand Samarkand is located about 300 meters northwest of ICON. Here you will find, among other things, the shopping center which has been designated as both the best in Sweden and the best in Scandinavia – www.grandsamarkand.se.

A very warm welcome!

Åsa & Maria

BYN Business Apartments